New Year, New Vision

And this first post is (expectedly) late… Not off to the greatest start with my New Years resolutions.

Reflecting on the crazy year 2017 had to offer; first girls holidays, an exhausting work schedule and (sort of) coming to the realisation that I might have found something I’d like to make a career out of, I decided I’d share my reflections with you (that is currently myself as zero people apart from my mum and dad know about this blog).

Numero Uno:

I need to take into consideration that I work a crazy amount of hours and trying to balance a full-time job in which I work overtime with a part-time job and attempting to take on numerous side projects is very difficult. I should probably stop beating myself up about it.

Numero Dos:

It’s OK to be lazy (as long as it’s not all the time). This point sort of ties in with the above – I work very hard; you’re allowed to do nothing if you have a day off.

Numero Tres:

I can’t escape glitter. I have a love/hate relationship. It ends up everywhere and on me for weeks but looking at the images attached, I don’t think I will ever be able to stop with the glitter.

Numero Cuatro:

It is completely fine for you to want to do something that will inevitably upset someone else. There will always be repercussions with anything you do so as long as you are making your choices for the right reasons and have thought them through the aftermath will be worth it in the long run (even if in that moment it doesn’t feel like it).

Numero Cinco:

I should take my own advice more often.

Numero Seis:

If you’re unhappy, speak up about it. Sitting and swallowing your sadness does not make it go away; it grows and festers and turns into something much worse than if you just speak about it.

Numero Siete:

If you have the opportunity to go on holiday with your mates, 10/10 would recommend. I have never had a more dramatic experience than going on holiday with my girls but because of who I was with I would do it 10 times over.

Benicassim 2017Numero Ocho:

Life gets in the way. At 20 I literally have no idea what I’m doing day in and day out but I understand that it is impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a social life and work life at the same time. Some have to suffer for others to succeed. Just make sure you don’t devote your time to a singular lifestyle.

Numero Nueve:

My Spanish GCSE actually paid off – sleep deprived and poorly for some reason I can only count in Spanish, hence the numbers. Also (bonus reflection) if you have a day off when you’re working overtime, you’ll get ill. Accept it. It’s fate.

Numero Diez:

Colours are your friend. I spent 2017 falling in love with coloured garments. Rarely will I be seen in an all-black attire. Experiment, you might find something you love.

And with the above, I’ll definitely be aiming to fill this bare space that I call a blog over the upcoming weeks.

A x

P.s If you want to shop my NYE outfit dive in.




*This post is in no way affiliated with the brands mentioned; I just love the clothing.


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